3D Wax Printing for Jewelry: Custom Jewelry Design Made Easy

The methods for producing jewelry have rapidly evolved in recent years. With the development of new technologies such as computer aided detection (CAD) imaging, computer aided manufacturing (CAM) imaging, and 3D printing, jewelry makers can now save time designing customized pieces for their customers. In addition, these designs can be made with even more precision than what could be accomplished through traditional production methods.

The 3D Jewelry Printing Process
3D printing jewelry is used along with a process known as lost wax casting (a.k.a. investment casting ). Using this process, a wax model is produced, depicting what the final product will look like, which can later be converted into your customer’s preferred metal .

Before the 3D wax printing can begin, the jeweler must create a design of the jewelry piece using CAD or CAM software. After the digital file is created, it is sent to a printer to print the wax model of the desired piece. Next, refractory material is added around the wax model to produce a mold. Then the wax inside the mold is melted to create an empty space that can be filled with the preferred metal. After the mold is broken, the final object is produced. This object can be touched up even further, depending on the needs of the customer.

The Benefits of 3D Wax Printing for Jewelry
Several years ago, when CAD/CAM imaging became mainstream, it was a major breakthrough for the jewelry industry. For example, previously, when a customer wanted a custom-designed engagement ring, the jeweler would typically spend hours sketching the design by hand. If the customer didn’t like the ring, the jeweler would spend more precious time making several design changes or even redesigning the ring entirely. CAD/CAM changed all that by allowing the jeweler to produce the design digitally, saving countless hours in the process.

3D printing wax for jewelry molds provides a similar benefit for jewelers. Rather than having to carve each piece of jewelry by hand, they can simply send the CAD/CAM design over to the 3D printer, and receive a wax model that captures all the precision and intricacies of a hand-carved design. In addition, the detailed wax model can be shown to customers, giving them a much better idea of how the final piece will look. If the customer is not happy with the model, simply make the necessary alterations to the CAD/CAM design again send it back to print another one.

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